Saturday, 14 February 2015

St. Valentine's Day / Dia de San Valentin

For some, today is 'the' day to celebrate, send flowers, buy delicacies, write love postcards to boyfriends, girlfriends, hubbies, wives...
For some others, today is the perfect excuse to do something like the actions detailed above, to remind those you love, no matter the  bond that unites you with them, that you love them! !!
Browsing my grandson's bookcase, I happened to find Elsa Borneman's book 'El Libro de los Chicos Enamorados/The Book of Children InLove' and I could not help sharing one of the poems I found with you all...

Para algunos, hoy es 'el' día para celebrar, enviar flores, comprar golosinas, escribir y enviar postales a los novios, novias, maridos, esposas...
Para otros, el día de hoy es la excusa perfecta para hacer alguna de las actividades arriba detalladas, para recordarle a los que aman, independientemente del lazo que los una con ellos, que los aman!!!
Husmeando en la biblioteca de mi nieto, encontré el libro de Elsa Borneman ´El Libro de los Chicos Enamorados´ y no pude resistir la tentación de compartir uno de los poemas que allí encontré con todxs uds...
´Song to learn what people are like´
What would people say
if I go out to the streets to paint 
roosters with my watercolors,
if I kissed the florist
for so many jazmins,
or I knit baby socks
to my seven cats
What would people say
if full of energy
I add another Sunday
to each week,
if I bred a kangaroo
inside mi house
or I start a fire
over the terrace?
What would people say
-those who put their nose everywhere?
if I jumped over the turnstile
on the subway,
if I let your name go
over the bell tower
and I published on the papers
that I love you?
(this is my humble version in English of the version in Spanish and it is by  no means a literary one, excuse my limitations to keep the rhyme, I just wanted all of you to enjoy the poem)

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