Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ops! updating info / actualizando información...

Most of you surely remember our beautiful poster, inviting the
community to celebrate World Storytelling Day, back in March...
Well, here are some pics on how it went...
Thanks a million to all those who joined us to share the magic
of stories...

Muchos de ustedes seguramente recordarán el lindísimo poster,
invitando a la comunidad a celebrar el Día Internacional de la
Narración, el pasado mes de marzo...Aquí van algunas imagenes
de cómo se desarrolló la jornada...
Un millón de gracias a los que se unieron a compartir la magia
de los cuentos...

the venue / el lugar...

ready to leave and have fun...yey!!!

Above, to the left and right and below...Regina, Elaine, Sarah and Mauney,
allow me to publicly apologize with Elaine, I soooo got into the story...that I took the photo
while she was leaving the stage...sorry!!!

Mauney's magic, wow!!!

my cozy friend and I...mmm..

happiness after sharing a great time with kids, parents and teachers... 

Later...in the afternoon, inside the theater...we all enjoyed amazing stories and music...have a look...

Our MCs : Elaine & Regina - impeccable! unique!

Yuba Addison and her amazing tales 

 George Williams and his stories!!! ¡un lujo!


 and the unique style and professionalism of Johanna & Scott Darsee, their recreation of stories and balads...always a 'feast for the senses'
She - Regina! always, always, awesome!!!
 Elaine, master of movements and originality!

 And all the crew, celebrating the fun shared!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
Cheers & let's stories keep captivating us and all those who love them the way we do! 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

March 30th save the date! / Marzo 30 agendalo...

New invitation from OSHER, UNM Cont.Ed.
Nueva invitación de OSHER, Universidad Nuevo Mexico, Educación Continua
Below is the catalog, visit the site and browse it, there are amazing presentations!!!
Debajo carátula del catálogo, visiten el sitio y ojeenlo, hay pesentaciones muy interesantes.


Looking forward to seeing you! / ¡Deseando verlos pronto!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Approaching Women's week...

Maya Angelou - an example to follow & imitate...
March, a month so closely  associated with women,
calls for some re-reading of the works of all the 
remarkable women who, generously left their heritage
to the future generations, who serve as a source of
inspiration, who showed through their actions that
determination and tenacity work...

Maya Angelou- un ejemplo a seguir e imitar...
Marzo, un mes asociado muy fuertemente a la
mujer, nos invita a releer los trabajos de esas
mujeres notables, quienes generosaente dejaron 
su herencia a las generaciones futuras, quienes
sirven de fuente de inspiracion, quienes mostraron
a traves de sus aciones que la determinacion y la
tenacidad funcionan...

Hope you'll enjoy reading Maya the way I do/Espero disfruten de leer a Maya como yo lo hago :)
Excuse my untidiness in the edition of the uploaded files/Disculpen mi desprolijidad al editar los archivos subidos :(

Friday, 3 March 2017

Invitation - join me this coming Monday, March 6th - 'Afternoon Freeform' at KUNM radio

Click: http://kunm.org/schedule

Programe : 'Afternoon Freeform' - every other Monday - 1.30p.m. to 3.30p.m.
Tanya's voice will surely captivate your ears and the music...
ahhh...that's another plus!

                Resultado de imagen para listening to radio

As a guest, I'll be talking about Story telling, World Storytelling Day
and ...stories of course! Tune in and give a treat to your ears!

In case you're busy, busy, cero worries, the archives of the programe
will wait for you for two weeks, so...you will have the chance to enjoy
it too!
Click: http://kunm.org/two-week-archive#stream/0 - enter the date
and enjoy!
Resultado de imagen para listening to radio online
Times have surely change...