Friday, 30 March 2018

With some delay.../Con un poquitín de retraso...

Here are some pics of the delightful evening we spent at
UNM North Building Auditorium on World Storytelling Day.
Thanks to all who joined and supported us!!!
You were an amazing audience! 

He aquí algunas imagenes de la deliciosa tarde que 
compartimos en el Auditorio del North Building de UNM
celebrando el Día Internacional de la Narración.
¡Gracias infinitas a todxs los que nos acompañaron y
¡Fueron un público increíble!

 Regina, ohhhh Regina!!!
so much fun! in her unique

And George...his
amazing creativity
and powerful style...
Special apologies to Nash!!! I was so involved in his story...I had no pics from him! And he was just awesome!!!

his captivating smile and lively storytelling got all our attention, thanks!

Pics taken from the generous camera of Rey, one of the students at Cont.Ed.,UNM

Our joy and gratefulness at the end of the performance,
Thanks to everyone! / ¡Gracias a todxs!

As happy as can be!
¡Felices como perdices y lombrices!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wold Storytelling Day - March 20th, 2018

It is with great delight and thankfulness to Osher, UNM and STNM that I share with you
this coming event which is celebrated worldwide and for the 3rd time also in New Mexico.
Please, read below, help us spread the word the date!!!

STNM is bringing World Storytelling Day, a worldwide storytelling event, to Albuquerque! 
Join us as we join cities and towns across the world in hosting an evening of storytelling to the theme of "Wise Fools" on March 20th.

Tue 5:30 PMUNM Continuing Education North Building
1634 University Boulevard, Abq, 87131, NM

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Coming the date! / ¡Se viene!

This coming Friday, 13th October,as part of the Osher series, at UNM
we'll be diving into our innate talents and more...just have a look
the flyer below, and...join us! We'll welcome you!

Este viernes 13 de octubre, como parte de la serie de talleres de
Osher, en UNM, bucearemos en nuestros talentos innatos y mucho
más...lean la invitación debajo, y...¡únanse! ¡Serán bienvenidos!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Art of Storytelling / El arte de la narración

Last Friday, October 6, at  UNM University of New Mexico, 
as part of OSHER programs,Ramona King and I, had an 
amazing audience ready to listen to our stories, share their 
views, opinions and feelings about 'The Art of Storytelling'
Below, some pics of the moments shared.
Thanks a bunch for coming!!!

El pasado viernes 6 de octubre, en la UNM Universidad de
Nuevo Mexico, como parte del programa OSHER, Ramona
King y yo, tuvimos una increíble audiencia lista a escuchar
nuestros cuentos, compartir sus puntos de vista, opiniones
y sentimientos sobre 'el arte de la narración'
Debajo, algunas fotos de los momentos compartidos.
¡Gracias mil por asistir!


Great vibes, great fun doing what we are passionate about! Thanks Ramona!
and big thanks to Donne Lewis - our Coordinator!!!
Buenísima onda y diversión haciendo lo que nos apasiona.
¡Gracias Ramona!
y muchísimas gracias a Donne Lewis - nuestra Coordinadora!

Friday, 22 September 2017

The storyteller / El narrador

Organizing papers, books and whatnot, I found this text I'm sharing
with you, hope you'll enjoy it...

Organizando papeles, libros y qué se yo...encontré este
texto que comparto con ustedes, espero lo disfruten...

'The storyteller incarnated stories coming from afar, 
either been whispered in her ears or left on a leaf
inside a dew drop, in the root of a vegetal or on
a poppy's petal, descending with a bird's warble or 
just being seeing by another...and like that she would
be knitting, using the colors of both, the earth and 
the sky, watching with the eyes inside and outside...
and when the seed of the stories were ripe, only then,
with the certainty of being telling, she'd deliver 
story-fresh, intense and sacred like a prayer.'
                                        Isa Fraire

'El narrador personificaba historias que venían de 
lejos, que habían sido susurradas en sus oídos o
dejadas dentro de una hoja de rocío, en la raíz de 
un vegetal o en el pétalo de una amapola, descendiendo
con el chirrido de un pájaro or simplemente siendo 
visto por otro...y así el narrador tejía, usando los
colores de ambos, la tierra y el cielo, mirando con los
ojos hacia adentro y hacia afuera...y cuando la semilla
de las historias estaba madura, solo entonces, con la
certeza de estar contando, contaba historias frescas,
intensas y sagradas como una plegaria'.
                                        Isa Fraire

Let me tell you that I found Isa Fraire in YouTube and
it's been a pleasure listening to some of the stories
she tells.

Dejenme contarles que encontré a Isa Fraire en YouTube
y ha sido un placer escuchar algunos de los cuentos
que ella cuenta.

                                       Resultado de imagen para storyteller