Thursday, 31 October 2013

Living ´la vida loca´ (reflections from Oct. 12th)

´Life has its ups and downs,´ so the saying goes...
True! We all know and experience this.
Now, what really counts,is what we do with what happens to us. Inertia generally pushes us to moan and play the victim, so to speak and, consequently feel miserable, hopeless and worthless of the joys life can also bring us.
What if? challenges the healthy side of our mind, what if you try again? what if you stopped moaning? what if you take action and allow yourself to unleash your resources and let your resilience heal and rebuild yourself?
After all, that´s what life is about. After all, we´re here on earth to walk our own path and learn whatever it is we are here to learn.
Right now, I feel life resembles a beautiful, colourful, challenging patchwork, in which each and all the pieces count and play a vital role. When we take a panoramic view of it, we realise the amazing assortment it offers us. Shades of intense experiences mingle joy and sorrow; thus, building us up, strengthening and stretching our capacity to learn, grow and develop ourselves into better beings. Mind you, this process takes place only when we open up and face the music, so to speak.
It is then and only then, when we rejoice the constant rebirth and cherish the learning.
What triggered all the above?
I´ve been going through some tough experiences, following moments of great contentment. So, I gave myself time to process everything I felt, saw and heard. All that included moments of great solitude and insight which helped me heal and slowly reconstruct myself. 
It was only this morning when I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror, that I witnessed the gift of a relaxing, peaceful and content expression on my face - one I had not seeing for a while, I might say. Not without making an effort, if you see what I mean...
Wondering why?
Well, because yesterday, I had the chance to reunite with dear storyteller mates, who are always ready to share warm and lovely hugs; told  a story my dearest Monita wrote to honour her and celebrate her talent and uniqueness,  and rounded off my day, dancing some tango tandas. Allow me to confess all of the above always awake my deepest passions.
Healing - that´s the effect you get when you go for all you feel passionate about. 
So, dear friends, just GO FOR IT! Zero procrastination! Hundred percent celebration!
Pedro - great initiative! thanks!

Monita and Pedro - Moni: our special storyteller-writer
 Telling ´Remote Control´ - one of Monica´s stories, thanks Moni for allowing me to recreate your story and share the fun with everyone :)

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  1. Matu,

    Esa foto tuya es pura pasión!!!
    Una alegría verte en acción. La próxima, espero verte en vivo!!