Friday, 4 October 2013

Weekend gift / Regalito de finde

This happened in the jungle, in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Shuar Indians were crying over someone´s dying grandmother. They were sitting by her deathbed, crying. An observer from another world asked them:
´Why are you crying in front of her when she is still alive?´
And the ones who were weeping responded:
´So she knows hoe much we love her.´
(from: The book of Embraces - Eduardo Galeano)


Llorar en El libro de los abrazos. Eduardo Galeano.  (Taken with Instagram)

(de: El libro de los abrazos - Eduardo Galeano)

Let those you love know how you feel for them, spend time with them, share whatever
moments you have the opportunity to, CARPE DIEM! Life is now!

Hace saber a aquellos que amas, lo que sientes por ellos, pasa tiempo con ellos, comparte los momentos que tengas oportunidad de compartir, CARPE DIEM! ¡La vida es ahora!

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