Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sunrise reflections.../ Reflexiones a la salida del sol...

The blinding beauty of the first sun rays shyly rose up behind the mountain. Little by little and slowly, very slowly - a climber gasping to reach the peak, so to speak - Placitas wakes up.
I surrender to the invitation of the all powerful warmth of the round sphere which, in varied shades of yellow caresses my face and forces me to close my eyes and feel - just feel - allowing my senses to fully do their task. The cup of chai latte emanates the tempting perfume and a fist sip pleases my all-increasing morning appetite. The blank page does no longer look so, and the pen naturally runs along the lines, obeying the train of thoughts.
In a few days, sunrise would be confined to a few reflections here and there on the neighbouring buildings of B.A. and I will be content with that.
Right now, the quiet and silent bird perched on the electricity cable, captures my attention back to the present beauty. Pretty soon, bluebirds, humming birds and pigeons will make their arrival, tidily filling the line as if waiting for their turn to start their morning concert.
Every morning they would visit us to kindly offer their songs, indicating the beginning of a brand new day.
By now, the light and pleasant temperature of the sun, has already taken me in and I cannot but submissively surrender to it.
The cup almost empty and the feeling of immense privilege and blessed reality, overwhelms my spirit.
Grateful is perhaps the word...??? though any word would run short to define the beauty nature offers us, every day, generously, freely, just because it is what it is, and it is for us to take it and rejoice in it.

Placitas, NM, August 13th/2013

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