Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Y hablando de jugar.../Talking about play...

¡Alguna vez te imaginaste usando sombreros?
Ever fancied yourself wearing hats?

Nat King Cole sang, "Unforgettable. That's what you are."  
The same can be said about hats.  Moreover, when it comes to hats, 
add the words "timely" and "timeless" because that's what they are, too.

  • There is a hat for every head that wants one
  • There is a right way to shop, then care, for hats
  • There is more to hat wearing than meets the eye
(más info en /more about this in:

¡Animate! Probá cómo
se siente...

Go ahead! Try any of
them, just for fun...

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