Thursday, 21 March 2013


Home, I wonder where that is.
Is it true that home is where your heart is?
Or is it where your roots are?
Or maybe wherever you feel at ease- happy and content with life?
I’m afraid once again home is wherever you feel you’d like to be, stay, enjoy, grow, love.
We can always revisit those places where you might have felt this way at one point in your life, can’t we?
I agree that life is change and the moment we open up to embrace it, it does happen. Then, it´s for us to decide which course we take.
More often than not, we find ourselves rambling around thoughts which will take us nowhere. There’s no logical reasoning when the heart demands action.
However, we, as rational beings cannot help dissecting feelings when we should be just rejoicing in them instead.
Life is now. Life is about cherishing each and every experience that comes to us. Life is feeling, letting go.
There’s no room for reason or analysis when the heart beats intensely, the mind refills constantly with positive thoughts and creativity wins the day, plus the whole body rejuvenates encompassing the process.
Alas! Home is anywhere we welcome whatever the universe brings to us and we freely allow ourselves to enjoy.

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