Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello everyone,
Sad, impotent, in disbelief, I feel the need to express
myself on this issue:
Seeing the atrocious images of the situation in Gaza, 
I cannot help wondering:
- what kind of religion would support the killing of innocent people?
-what kind of human beings would favour such an amount of aggression 
and violence?
-how come greed  wins the day?
-when will the fight reach an end?
I remain hopeful that some day, the people in power will finally see the light 
and realize that not matter the differences, we´re all human beings, all of us 
with equal rights to live, wherever,whatever the ideas, the beliefs, the religion, 
the colour of their skin; respecting eachother, accepting eachother.
I ask myself:
- what else is needed for those who support this hideous fighting?
It´s only the innocent who are dying, plus those who are sent to shoot the 
more and more sophisticaded and destructive weapons.
-what if we used the money invested in developing such complex and 
destructive  arms, missiles and the like, 
- to feed those starving, 
- create decent jobs so people can lead dignified lives?
The moment is NOW, the word is LOVE.
The above said is the result of a reflection born on the powerlessness felt 
when hearing the news and/or watching the images shown on the present 
situation in places where fighting takes place;
and aims to inspire those who care about their 
neighbours and despise any war waged, to do their best,
pray or do whatever they think might work, wishing
the world to be a peaceful and better place to live.

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